Stanford Archery


Any Stanford undergraduate, graduate, staff or faculty member is eligible to become a team member once they complete the ten steps of the Recruiting Process. There is no minimum score requirement to remain on the team! The team provides its members beginner and intermediate level equipment free of charge. Team members are also welcome to purchase/use their own equipment if they so choose. The team attends four to five tournaments a year. Members are free to be as competitive as they wish; some plan to hit the bale, others plan to break collegiate records. Team members are required to participate in range maintenance, community programs, and other administrative tasks to retain their good standing and help the team run smoothly.

Beginner Practice

Beginner Practice is a free weekly practice offered exclusively to the Stanford community. These practices are tailored for those new to archery, so there's no experience necessary and all equipment is provided! Stanford students (both undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff, are eligible to sign up. Please note that we can only accommodate a limited number of archers per Beginner Practice and that spots fill quickly. Priority is given to undergraduate students interested in joining the team. Attending a Beginner Practice is the first step in the Recruiting Process.

Beginner Practices are held throughout the school year on Friday afternoons from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on our range.

Signups open at the beginning of the week (Monday) for the Friday practice. If we are able to accommodate you the week you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email by Thursday with more details. If there are no more spots available that week, please sign up the following Monday and we'll make extra effort to find space for you. We receive many sign-ups toward the beginning of the quarter, so do not get discouraged if you don't get into the first few!

If you are a Stanford student and would like to receive a notification when beginner practice sign ups open, please subscribe to our beginner practice mailing list.


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March 9, 2018

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The Ten Steps

  1. Attend One Beginner Practice
  2. Attend at least two weekday practices (Monday-Thursday @ 3:00pm-5:00pm) per week.
  3. Shed Crews
  4. In order to keep our equipment and supplies organized, each week a number of team members will complete tasks that keep the sheds clean.

  5. Attend Fletching Party
  6. Recruits will learn how to construct arrows and maintains team equipment.

  7. The Stanford Fund Letters
  8. Recruits and team members will write a number of handwritten letters to alumni thanking them for their donation to The Stanford Fund and explaining how archery enriches their Stanford experience.

  9. Become Certified as a Level 1 USAA Coach
  10. Learning to coach not only improves your own shooting, but also makes you eligible to coach private lessons, JOAD sessions, and group lessons that help fund tournament subsidies and team equipment.

  11. Coach One Beginner Practice
  12. As a Level I USAA Coach, you’ll get to share archery with your peers at a Beginner Practice in the Winter or Spring.

  13. Coach Two JOAD sessions
  14. JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) takes place on Sunday mornings and involves community members from around the Bay Area. At each session, you’ll be assigned to coach three or four youth archers.

  15. Shadow Two Directors
  16. Go behind the scenes of the Stanford Archery Team! In this step, you’ll learn about how the team is managed and expanded. You’ll be assigned to one of 11 Directors (all student team members), who will then give you a task that exemplifies their duties.

  17. Attend Two tournaments
  18. Saving the best for last! Your first opportunity to represent Stanford at an intercollegiate tournament will be at one hosted within driving distance in California. Gaining competitive experience and bonding with the team is vital to your role as a fully-fledged team member!

Congratulations! You’re now officially a member of the Stanford Archery Program and a part of one of the fastest growing collegiate programs in the nation. Wear that jersey with pride!