Team recruiting

The Stanford Archery Team offers an official recruiting program designed to train and select the next generation of Cardinal archers. Those interested in entering the recruiting program and potentially joining the Stanford team should read the information below and email the team captains.

An Overview of The Recruiting Program

The recruiting program is designed to give interested students an inside look at the Stanford Archery Program while at the same time training them for potential competition and preparing them for the intense coaching and organizational work that comes along with membership to the team.

Operating the Stanford Archery Program--which combines a nationally-ranked competitive squad, expansive community programs and a large on-campus recreational club--requires an enormous effort from many people. To ensure long-term success of the program, the recruiting and team selection process places heavy emphasis on one's interest, passion, and desire to significantly support the Archery Program. Team members are expected not only to attend regular team practices but also to serve as coaches for campus and community programs. We also encourage active participation and leadership in the program's various operational efforts, including fundraising, equipment management, schedule coordination, advertising, etc. The recruiting process will provide the skills needed to serve these roles and allow you to demonstrate your energy and excitement for joining.

Unlike many other teams on campus, Stanford Archery considers prior experience and athletic skill far less than it does the above factors. Fielding a Top 3 team at nationals certainly requires talented shooters, but we see it as our job to improve your skill, and your job to provide the energy and effort to help us get you there. When selecting new team members we look for those who make every effort to improve their skills by attending practice as often as they can (regardless of the actual scores they're shooting) and those who volunteer and contribute to the program's greater success.
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What we look for...

There are a few key things we look for in new recruits:

Energy, Passion, Excitement! Being a member of Stanford's archery team is both an honor and a ton of fun. If you join the team you'll have dozens of new friends who you'll spend a lot of time with (possibly even more than you'd like). We want people as excited and energetic as we are to join this group. Your energy will most definitely be recognized and appreciated.

Hard workers and eager volunteers The Stanford Archery Program doesn't run itself. It takes a heck of a lot of work to keep the program going and we expect you to be an eager participant in this effort. The work we do isn't always glamorous and it can certainly be overwhelming, so we want people who can stick it out and make this the best collegiate program in the nation.

Dedicated competitors We don't place a strong emphasis on athletic skill when selecting our recruits, but we do expect them to do everything in their power to improve their abilities and increase their scores. To that end, we're looking for people who will practice whenever they can, learn the ins and outs of archery form through books and videos on their own, and take advantage of the incredible resources available through the Stanford program.

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The Recruiting Process - HOW TO GET STARTED

The actual recruiting process consists of 9 steps, outlined on the following page. The time commitment is significant but the rewards are too. Those who decide to enter the recruiting program should expect the time and energy commitment to be roughly equivalent to that of an a capella group, a theater production like Gaieties, or other club sports like the frisbee team or the rugby team.

That said, check out the detailed overview of the recruiting process.

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