Junior Olympic Archery Development

Stanford Archery Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD for short (pronounced 'joe-add), is a USA Archery program designed to encourage children and teens to discover archery. JOAD is tailored for both the competitive archer and the recreational archer, offering competition training along with the change to connect with local archers whilst improving fundamental archery skills, learning advanced techniques, and perfecting an individual and consistent shooting style. New archers can join at any time, as JOAD runs throughout the year.

JOAD sessions are taught by Stanford Archery Team members, who are USA Archery Level I, Level II, or Level III-NTS certified coaches. We maintain at most a 4:1 student to coach ratio.

Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere focused on critical skill development that foster the development of lifetime shooting skills and a love of archery. Thus, no experience is needed to join. However, Stanford Archery requires that all archers, regardless of experience level, first take a mandatory private safety lesson to learn the rules and shooting style of our range. Stanford Archery requires that all archers, regardless of experience level, first take a mandatory private safety lesson to learn the rules and shooting style of our range. However, students that have attended Stanford Archery Summer Camp do not have to take a separate private lesson.


Pricing and dates are subject to change.

When & Where

JOAD is held in accordance to the Stanford Academic Calendar every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer academic quarter. During the fall, JOAD is held Sundays from 9am to 11am on our range located on campus.

shooting Dates for Fall 2017: October 8, 2017 | Practice Session
October 15, 2017 | Scoring Session
October 22, 2017 | Practice Session
October 29, 2017 | Scoring Session
November 5, 2017 | Practice Session
November 12, 2017 | Scoring Session
November 26, 2017 | Practice Session
December 3, 2017 | Scoring Session

Please note that these are held on Sunday from 9am-11am. Pricing for Fall 2017 Acceptable forms of payment are cash or check (payable to "Stanford Archery Program"). $50 for two-hour session, includes equipment
$45 for each two-hour session if you enroll in three or more of one academic quarter's sessions together.
Payment for the entire quarter will be due at the student's first session.

Enrolling in Multiple JOAD Sessions

You can sign up for multiple JOAD sessions at once. If you enroll in the majority of a quarter's academic sessions (defined as one more than half of the JOAD sessions), you will receive a $5 discount per session.

In order to reserve your enrollment for all your JOAD sessions, you must pay for all sessions when you attend the first one. If you neither attend the session nor cancel at least 48 hours in advance, your entire enrollment will be revoked.

We hold this policy in consideration to the people on JOAD's waiting-list; your sessions will be given to the first person on the waiting-list.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 48 hours notice via email to cancel a JOAD session. Missing your first scheduled session or two consecutive sessions will result in the forfeit of all remaining sessions for the quarter.

If you cancel a JOAD session with due notice, you may switch to another session in the same academic quarter that has not reached maximum enrollment. You may not switch to a session in another academic quarter or receive credit for future JOAD sessions. However, if you are a long time Stanford Archery JOAD member, defined as having attended JOAD for at least three quarters, you may receive credit for future academic quarters.

JOAD sessions are nonrefundable and nontransferable. JOAD sessions are only refundable if we are forced to cancel a session, or in cases of family and/or medical emergencies. In such an cases, you will be refunded the full amount or you may choose to receive credit towards future JOAD sessions in any academic quarter. You may not trade JOAD sessions, paid or unpaid, with anyone.

JOAD Wait-list and Walk-Ins

We offer a short wait list limited to fifteen kids, as we rarely receive cancellations with 48 hours notice. If there is place available on the wait list, the option to register is shown on our regular enrollment page. We do not accept email requests to be wait-listed. Once the wait list is full, we do not register additional students, even if a student was able to move-off the list.

If you have attended your private safety lesson and were not able to enroll in the JOAD sessions you desired, we recommend "walking in." Each week, we normally have three or four last minute cancellations; for example, kids oft wake-up sick the morning of their session. Ten minutes into a session, we give away any open places to walk-ins. Walk-in sessions are priced at our regular rates listed above. jump to top


Before signing up, you must have first taken a safety private lesson. Please email us if you have not and would like to. Sign up here! jump to top


JOAD is regulated by USA Archery of Team USA, the same organization that coordinates sport teams and competitions for the Olympics and Paralympics. As of December 31, 2014, USAA is changing the membership requirements of all JOAD clubs.

Starting Winter 2015, if you would like to attend more than three JOAD sessions, you must be a member of USAA.

USAA has initiated these regulations in accordance with the United States Olympic Committee Safe Sport Initiative, focused on assuring healthy and safe sport practices around the nation. Accordingly, without exception all archers attending more than three sessions need to be directly registered with USAA.

USAA Membership Options & Fees

From now on, we will be requiring proof of registration for the participant in the JOAD registration. Without this proof, all JOAD sessions will be forfeited. All memberships and benefits can be found on the USAA website here. The following are accepted for JOAD:

1. Youth Membership: this membership costs $35 annually, and qualifies the participant for both scoring and practice sessions.
2. Recreational Membership: this membership costs $15 annually, but only qualifies the participant for practice sessions. This membership does not qualify for scoring sessions and the Achievement Pin program.
3. Family Membership: this membership costs $80 annually or $200 for three years. This membership allows the parent to register themselves rather than the student, and to register siblings in one account. It qualifies for both practice and scoring sessions.
4. Adult Membership: this membership costs $50 annually or $130 for three years. We only accept an adult membership for high school students over the age of 18. This membership qualifies for both practice and scoring sessions.

Registering with USAA

Registration is not through Stanford Archery, but directly through USAA. You can create a membership with USAA here.

If you intend to shoot primarily with Stanford Archery, specify this under Club Affiliation. This option is found on the second page of enrollments, after you have selected your membership type. In the top, right hand corner, select Stanford Archery Program with ID 1720. If you click on details, the club is registered under Ryan Badiee, Club Director, and Francis Parchaso, Club Coach. If you register directly under Stanford Archery, you do not need to send us proof of registration; rather we will be directly notified by USAA.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions about USAA Membership.
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The Stanford Junior Team

the range at dusk Archers who demonstrate superior skill, commitment, and sportsmanship and are dedicated to reaching higher levels of competition may earn a spot in Stanford Archery's mentorship program, the Junior Team. While all members of the JOAD program will have opportunities to compete in local, state, and national archery competitions, members of the Junior Team will train specifically for these competitions and travel together as a team to tournaments. Junior Team members, furthermore, train with the Stanford Archery Team and attend Stanford Archery Team events.

To request an invitation to the next junior team tryout, an archer will need to:

1. Attend a minimum of 10 JOAD sessions to become familiar with the JOAD community and junior team.

2. Demonstrate a minimum score of 220 (out of 300) on a 40cm target at an 18 meter distance during JOAD scoring sessions.

3. Have attended tournaments in the past year, or have worked out a tournament development schedule with the JOAD director and Team Collegiate Director.

4. Become ingrained in the junior team community and demonstrate outstanding maturity and responsibility, as judged by the JOAD director and/or head coach.

Junior team tryouts are held only when a vacancy arises. Archers that have demonstrated the above qualifications and have requested a tryout will be invited to tryout. We reserve the right to only invite those we feel have outstandingly proved the above qualifications and have earned to right to try out.

Being a member of the Stanford Junior Team has no weight on the Stanford University admissions process. The Junior Team is reserved for those who demonstrate passion and talent in archery, not an interest in Stanford University.

Further information about Junior Team can be explained during a conversation with the JOAD director during JOAD or via email. Requests for a tryout invitation must be sent via email to the JOAD director, and will be shared with the head coach and team president. jump to top

Frequently Asked Questions about JOAD

Should I buy my own equipment? Though many members of JOAD use their own equipment, we offer high quality equipment to use, free of charge, during JOAD. We very strongly recommend against purchasing equipment if you shoot less than an 180 out of 300 on a 40 centimeter target, at 18 meters.
For those wishing to pursue competition, we recommend purchasing equipment that can be customized and practiced outside of JOAD and Private Lessons. Feel free to contact us with any questions about equipment purchases.

Is JOAD appropriate for complete beginners? Absolutely. JOAD accomodates junior archery champions as well as those who have never before touched a bow. For safety reasons, we require those with no prior experience to take a private lesson from any of our coaches before attending their first JOAD.

What if I am not sure about getting into competitive archery? Is JOAD still right for me? Yes, definitely. Though all members of JOAD have the opportunity to compete, none are required. For those looking for purely recreational archery, JOAD is a chance to make friends and practice the sport for fun.

What is the difference between JOAD and Summer Camp? JOAD is similar to the Summer Camp in that no experience is required and kids will have a chance to meet and bond with other archers in the area. However, since JOAD is designed as a true archery training program it maintains a more serious, skill-development-oriented atmosphere.

What is the difference between a scoring session and a practice session? All students shoot for both types of sessions. During the practice session students shoot an end of 6 arrows. These sessions are geared for working on form. For scoring sessions, they shoot 10 ends of 3 arrows, and learning how to score their arrows and record their progress. These sessions are to gauge your progress.

In the end of scoring sessions, students shoot at nontraditional targets for fun, such as balloons or card decks. In both sessions are students actively coached, and the format is flexible. For example, we have had students in the past who have refused to score out of principle, or students who have learned how to tune their bow rather than shoot.

Will there still be JOAD on rainy days? Yes, we will still hold JOAD sessions, even when it is raining. Students are advised to wear boots and other rain gear, and we will set up tents for some cover from the rain while shooting. jump to top

Frequently Asked Questions About USAA MEMBERSHIP

By when do I need to register for USAA membership? You need to be enrolled before you register for JOAD sessions.
You do not need to send us proof of confirmation if you specify your club as Stanford Archery. If you did not, you can either upload a pdf membership form on the JOAD enrollment form, or to email it to us at usaamembership_stanfordarchery@lists.stanford.edu.
If we do not have a copy of your membership when we process your enrollment, your sessions will be forfeited.

Which memberships qualify for JOAD? The recreational, youth, and adult memberships qualify the participant for JOAD. Family memberships qualify multiple participants through their parents. However, the recreational membership does not allow the participant to attend scoring sessions, and we only accept the adult membership for high school students over the age of 18.

Whom do I register? What about siblings? The registration is directly for the participant. If you would like to register your family rather than your child, or siblings in a single account, you can do so with either an annual or three year family membership.

Do these regulations apply to walk-ins? Yes. There are no exceptions to the new membership regulations. You can only walk into three sessions without a membership, and cannot walk into scoring sessions without a membership.

When do I need to renew membership? Membership is annual though USAA, except for three year adult and family memberships. Once we receive your proof of membership, we will not need you to submit another one until the noted expiration date.

Do these regulations apply to private lessons and summer camp? No. Only JOAD is regulated by USAA and is affected by the new membership regulations. jump to top