Stanford Archery


Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD for short, is a USA Archery program designed to encourage children and teens to discover archery. JOAD is tailored for both the competitive archer and the recreational archer, offering both training and the opportunity to connect with local archers. Our program focuses on improving fundamental archery skills, learning advanced techniques, and perfecting an individual and consistent shooting style. New archers can join at any time!

JOAD sessions are group lessons taught by Stanford Archery Team members, who are USA Archery Level I, Level II, or Level III-NTS certified coaches. We maintain at most a 4:1 student to coach ratio.

Our goal is to provide a fun atmosphere focused on critical skill development to foster the growth of lifetime shooting skills and a love of archery. No experience is needed to join. However, Stanford Archery requires that all archers, regardless of experience level, first take a mandatory private safety lesson to learn the rules and shooting style of our range.

For more general information about JOAD, please visit the Official TeamUSA JOAD Website

Private Lessons

We offer hour-long, private one-on-one coaching lessons open to anybody, from a complete beginner 9-year old to a seasoned adult archer. Lessons are with Stanford Archery team members, who are either Level I, II or III USAA Certified coaches, or with Head Coach Francis Parchaso, a USAA Certified Regional Coach.

Group Lessons

We can host your group and corporate archery events! These two-hour sessions for groups of people of any age provide a quick and fun introduction to archery in a casual, low-stress environment perfect for corporate team-building, student group bonding, birthday parties, or family reunions. No prior experience is necessary, and all equipment will be provided. Your group will receive personalize6d instruction from members of the nationally ranked Stanford team, who are all USA Archery Level I, Level II, or Level III-NTS certified coaches.

Summer Camp

We hold two sessions of a week-long summer camp every year in June. During the camp, archers will not only become proficient in shooting a bow, but will also receive instruction on other archery essentials such as bow tuning, arrow maintenance, self-analysis, trouble-shooting and tournament etiquette. Additional activities will include arrow making, target making, and various fun shoots (balloon shoots, etc).

For many of the archers who are a part of our community, summer camp is a launching pad for participation in our JOAD program.