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Stanford Archery hosts programs specifically for Stanford students, faculty and staff, in addition to those open to the greater public. All equipment, including bows, arrows and safety gear, will be provided free of charge for all of our programs. Descriptions of ongoing programs are below.

Brief summary of our programs

Open to Stanford community the range at dusk Beginner Practices For Stanford students, faculty, and staff only, we offer free practices. Complete beginners are welcome since we will teach you how to shoot a bow. If you are a Stanford student, this is the best way to join the team. To find out more, please read about our Beginner Practices.

Competitive team the range at dusk In addition to holding recreational practices, Stanford Archery fields a nationally-competitive team. Team members are students typically drawn from those who attend beginner practices. If you're interested in joining the team, read more about our Recruiting Program.

Open to the public Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) the range at dusk Stanford's JOAD program, for children ages 9-18, is a blend between Summer Camp and Private Lessons and is part of a national program designed to encourage children's participation in archery. It offers kids a chance to train for competitions and get to know other local archers while improving fundamental skills, learning advanced techniques, and perfecting an individual and consistent shooting style. JOAD meets once per week. For more information, visit the JOAD page.

Private Lessons the range at dusk The Stanford Archery Team offers private coaching lessons open to the general public and the Stanford community. Coaching sessions are led by the top, most experienced archers on Stanford's nationally competitive team. Archers of all ages 9+ and experience levels are welcome. For more information, visit the private lessons page.

Group/Corporate Event the range at dusk The Stanford Archery Program is now hosting archery events for groups of 10-15 people! These events are great for corporate team-building and student group bonding as well as birthday parties and family reunions. No archery experience is necessary. Sessions last two hours and are held on the range. For more information, visit the group/corporate events page.

Summer Camp Summer Camp The Stanford Archery Program runs two 4-day summer camps for both beginning and advanced archers aged 9-18. For more information, visit the summer camp page.

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In all our programs, all equipment is provided at no additional costs! That includes the bow, arrows, and safety gear. All coaches are at least Level I certified by the National Archery Association (NAA), and many are NAA Level II certified coaches.

Archery is a safe activity that children as young as 9 years old can enjoy. Safety is our primary concern, so we enforce a set of strict rules to ensure everyone's safety on the range. These rules meet the safety standards set by the NAA.

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