The Recruiting Process

Stanford Archery Stanford Women's Compound team We're so excited that you're interested in joining the Stanford Archery Team! The journey to becoming a team member (a.k.a. the Recruiting Process) consists of the Nine Steps outlined below. There is no specific timeline for the process, though lasts about two quarters in most cases.

The Nine Steps

Step 1: Attend 1 Beginner Practice Sign up and show up to any one of our Friday Beginner Practices and let the Recruiting Director (the lead coach) know you're interested in becoming more involved with the team. Congratulations! You've officially begun the Recruiting Process!

Step 2: Attend Team Practices Come shoot during at least 2 team practices (3-5 pm Monday-Thursday) per week. As you become more familiar with the range, you'll be assigned to a "range crew," during which you'll help team members and fellow recruits set up and take down the range equipment.

Step 3: Shed Cleaning Each quarter, both recruits and team members clean and organize the sheds in which we store tools and equipment. In addition to learning the ins and outs of range equipment, recruits will learn to fletch arrows and maintain bows.

Step 4: The Stanford Fund Letters In order to thank donors to The Stanford Fund, recruits and team members will write a number of hand written letters to alumni thanking them for their donation and explaining how archery enriches their Stanford experience.

Step 5: Become Certified as a Level 1 Coach It’s time to turn the tables! Now that you’ve had a reasonable amount of experience with archery, you’re ready for a more formal introduction to archery form that will prepare you to coach future Beginner Practices, JOAD sessions, and Private Lessons.

Step 6: Coach 1 Beginner Practice As a Level I Certified Coach, you’ll get to share archery with your peers at a Beginner Practices you once attended. Coaching Beginner Practices will develop your coaching skills, in addition to helping your own form as an archer.

Step 7: Coach 2 JOAD sessions JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) takes place on Sunday mornings and involve community members from around the Bay Area. Each session, you’ll be assigned to coach three or four youth archers. Once again, learning to communicate how to execute good form will be invaluable to your own development!

Step 8: Shadow 2 Directors Go behind the scenes of the Stanford Archery Team! In this step, you’ll learn about how the team is managed and expanded. You’ll be assigned to one of 12 Directors (all student team members), who will then give you a task that exemplifies their duties.

Step 9: Attend 2 tournaments Saving the best for last! Your first opportunity to represent Stanford at an intercollegiate tournament will be at one hosted within driving distance in California. Gaining competitive experience and bonding with the team is vital to your role as a fully-fledged team member!

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Congratulations! You’re now officially a member of the Stanford Archery Program and a part of one of the fastest growing collegiate programs in the nation. Wear that jersey with pride!

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