About the Team

Stanford Archery Founded in 2002 by Keith Coleman and David Lu, the Stanford Archery Program has developed rapidly as a recreational club sport with a mission to do its competitive best; bring safe, Olympic-style archery to the community; and have fun. In four of the six years the team has competed, the team placed at least third in the nation. Our women's recurve team has also won back-to-back gold medals, earning the titles of National Champions in 2006 and 2007.

Stanford Archery is a premier non-varsity collegiate archery program. The team is comprised of 24 Stanford undergraduates and graduate students under the direction of former U.S. national team member Francis Parchaso.

Our fast growing and comprehensive program not only competes, but also actively promotes archery within the Stanford community and the surrounding areas. From private coaching lessons to Junior Olympic Archery Development, the team teaches the essential elements and form of the sport to hundreds every year. At the same time, the team is actively recruiting from the Stanford student body to expand our reaches and potential, both within ourselves and the community.

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Tournaments are hosted by USCA and results can be found on their website.



Coaches Stanford Archery Team Francis Parchaso
Rusty Mills
David Stauffer
Jeff Zhang

Team Members Chelsey Bartlett
Keegan Boyar
Nic Dahlquist
Brian Fei
Angelina Garron
Macy Hardley
Eric Iwashita
Sebastian Karl
Dong Myung Kim
Angela Kwok
Tiffany Lam
Steven Lee
Nikhil Lele
Kelleen Loo
Megan O'Brien
Kuan Peng
Blanca Villanueva
Addison Weiler
TianTian Yao
Roger Ibarra
Yuki Inoue
Ashley Ngu
Eric Wilson
Chung-Jen Chen
Miguel Francisco
Stanford archery team

Recruits Erik Burton
James Burdick
Gabriel Casalduc
Paul Harrison
Hualong Ren

Alumni Joshua Wang
Adrian Plata
Jenny Thai
Eric Newton
Chanh Nguyen
Amanda Le
Jeffrey Chan
Michael Crayne
Jerod Arlich
Diana Avalos
Katherine Boren
Reid Chandler
Sam Chang
Keith Coleman
Stanford archery team Helen Cheng
Jimmy Chion
Eric Chu
Kuan Chuen-Wu
Michelle Del Rosario
Shanna Erickson
Varick Erickson
Eric Furtado
Badruun Gardi
Cara Harmon
Tamara Hasoon
Corey Hiti
Peter Ho
Germaine Hoe
Calvin Hwang
Stanford archery team Ronnie Instrella
Sherry Jin
Justine Kao
Mike Kodiak
Zhi Koh
Frances Le
Solomon Lee
Mike Lin
David Lu
Andrea Lui
Michelle Marco
Chris Pak
Spencer Peck
Vipul Redey
Liz Reuman
Avi Robinson-Mosher
Whalen Rozelle
Stanford archery team Jeremy Shen
Joe Sicoravit
Chee Hau Tan
Alex Teichman
Jonathan Tran
Kris Toivola
Sandra Tyan
Don Vongviphut
Rusi Yan
Jonson Yee
Amy Yu
Pei Zhang
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